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Company Background History and Qualifications

Aero Vote provides web fed, and sheet fed solutions for high security printing. The experience of our company is based on a wide range of applications in printing and processing techniques for passports, stamps, cheques, visas and all kind of security documents worldwide.

Aero Vote provides innovative high security printing solutions in non,stop operation from roll to roll, roll to sheet, or from roll to a finished product. The company supplies a complete range of all printing techniques for high security printing, like wet and dry offset, ink jetting, numbering, hot foil stamping and all kind of hybrid combinations.


A well known and respected Security Provider, We have been successfully supplying security revenue documents for over a quarter of a century. During this period, we have been able to demonstrate our ability to print reliably, on time and in conformance to the highest standards. We have for many years printed high security documents such as Ballot Papers, Bearer Bonds, Scratch Cards – Telephone & Lottery, Certificate of deposit, passports, Visas, Airline Tickets and Ferry Tickets from its purpose built production facility in Ghana.

By combining craftsmanship with modern technology we are maintaining a traditional yet extremely effective printing process – indeed the company’s links extend back to the birth of security printing some 150 years ago, so it can truly be regarded as a recognised and established high security printer.

We extend our welcome to you or your officials for any inspections or audit purposes that may be required.

Our long established credentials further enhance this leading position in the high security printing of passports and high value financial documents. From Ballot Papers and result sheets to Bonds to International Money Orders and Vouchers, our experience in.

The Products

Our products fully comply with all the relevant Industry recommendations regarding product security. Fluorescent and erasable inks, indelible numbering, OCR, Gothic and Bar code numbering are all used on a regular basis. Tamper evident, re,enforced tape can be used to pack the goods. Our premises and production facilities have complete state of the art security systems that monitor internally and externally. Every document produced is fully accounted for and all waste is securely disposed of.


Our staff comes with over hundred years of security print knowledge. They have worked for large security presses in the manufacturing of passports to bearer bonds and a diversity of product range we currently manufacture. The managers are trained and kept up to date with all major improvements in design to machinery and most importantly Customer Care.