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The security of the site is of paramount importance for our customers and us. This adds to the complexity of production. The reliability and integrity of the product manufactured has a bearing impact on the futures of democracies and/or individuals. Security is top priority and production is carried out in tightly regulated, strictly protected premises accessed by computerized controls and monitoring systems


Our Security entails the following:

  • 24-hour CCTV surveillance and night security
  • 24 -hour security guards patrolling
  • Complex intruder alarm systems.
  • Computer networks are installed with robust firewalls to deter even the most tenacious of hackers, and production is constantly monitored.
  • The issuing and reconciliation of paper and plates are closely checked,
  • The waste is shredded in-house directly from the shop floor and certified in presence of witnesses.
  • The final products are shipped in tamper-evident packaging and dispatched by an approved security carrier.

  • Staff working on the production of papers are vetted and police checked
  • The staffs are subjected to the same levels of auditing as the product itself.
  • All employees are vetted and are required to sign an examination declaration form
  • Visitors to the factories are also required to sign clearance forms and cameras are prohibited.